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Growth Dynamic Model

The Sedo Group takes commercial and public sector clients on a guided journey towards doing business together via the Growth Dynamic Model.

The Growth Dynamic Model was launched earlier this year and significantly expands our current suite of services, expertise and toolkits to assist businesses connect with government.

How it works

Our comprehensive suite of consulting services outlined in the Growth Dynamic Model includes building strategic engagement strategies for both business and government, strategic procurement and governance assistance, as well as, project and change management capabilities.  We offer a suite of bid and proposal services including practical solutions for developing a successful Tender.

From the business set up through to training and knowledge transfer, the Sedo Group can work with you to develop a focussed strategy to grow and transform your business and create a roadmap for success.  Through our Transformation services, we have the frameworks and toolkits to help your business continually strive to achieve operational excellence and uplift capability.

We also offer

Tailored Workshops

We deliver a range of tailored workshops, seminars and events on behalf of private industry, universities and government.

Learning Pathways

Our learning pathway have been designed to provide your organisations with the knowledge and understanding required to show skill and competency within your role for Winning Government Business for your organisation.

Industry Events

We host and facilitate industry events and round table discussions on emerging industry and government trends.

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