The Sedo Group was founded to support businesses which were missing out on government work simply because they were unaware of government policies, processes and expectations.

The Sedo Group takes commercial and public sector clients on a guided journey towards doing business together.

Our service delivery is focused on strong customer service and knowledge sharing. We will do what is required to deliver on outcomes, but we believe in giving back too; whether that’s in knowledge-sharing or through meeting our social value and corporate social responsibilities.

More than ten years on, Sedo Group has evolved to offer a broader set of capabilities, while addressing a wider set of markets. We continue to provide a valuable role in filling the void between business and government but now play a more formal role in assisting enterprises to meet their growth aspirations, whether selling into government, corporate or not for profit (NFP) sectors.

Our role in government has also expanded where we have established increased capability in areas such as supporting government in advisory and delivery, and supporting / interpreting government policy and regulations and directive for market application.

At the Sedo Group, our guiding principles of integrity, transparency and reliability underpin all aspects of our business and how we work with our clients, government and organisations.

Our value proposition is our in-depth expertise in government policy, regulations and process enables us to take businesses on a guided journey that teaches effective approaches, interpretation of key policies, regulations and engagement strategies through gained insights into the strategies and drivers of industry and government bodies.

Our Team

Over the years our team has grown and is made up of highly experienced and well regarded experts who have worked for a range of government departments and industry. Our core team have occupied senior executive positions in government and the private sector. Combined with our extended team, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in governance, procurement expertise and program/project delivery.

  • Diem (Yim) Huynh
    CEO & Managing Director
  • Brett Webster
    Executive Director, Business Pursuit
  • Michael Lim
    Executive Director, Sedo Value
  • Pina Setaro
    Operational Excellence Lead
  • Rebecca Lee
    Social Procurement Lead
  • Paul Bunker
  • Susana Gonzalez
    Office Manager

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